Thirteen for Halloween : Ukulele Edition

New for 2012! The long-awaited ukulele editon of Thirteen for Halloween (link goes to is now available for instant download. This Halloween songbook contains ukulele chords (C tuning) AND chords for baritone ukulele.

Includes all the songs from the Thirteen for Halloween album:

  1. Welcome Said the Spider
  2. The Ghost of John
  3. Three Little Ghostesses
  4. Mactavish Is Dead
  5. Skin and Bones
  6. Queen Nefertiti (The Mummy)
  7. Old Witch, Old Witch
  8. Witch, Witch, Where do you Fly?
  9. Im a Mean Old Witch
  10. Unlikely Company
  11. The Ghost Ship
  12. Were Back!
  13. Five Little Pumpkins

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