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First step to a well-fitted Halloween Mask, make a Life Cast of your Face with Alginate, Plaster Bandages and Liquid Stone

I’ve long wanted a form to try out some mask making and I’ve read several times that there is nothing like taking a life cast of your own face to use as a work surface. The process seemed a little daunting to me at first until I stumbled upon a video from accu-cast:

That doesn’t look too hard, does it? I especially liked the fact that they had an ‘anti-slump’ alginate mix that didn’t go all over the place. So, I ordered the face casting kit from accu-cast.us (I am not in their pay, btw). Their kit was also one of the better priced kits I saw (a giant plus for the musician/artist).

life casting, alginate and plaster bandages, scary looking, huh?

I had my wife read the instructions and watch the video twice. I still managed to mess her up with a reminder to not press too hard on the nose when applying the plaster bandages . . . she heard, "Don’t press too hard." So I ended up with some flaws around the eyes when I poured the liquid stone into the finished mold. I hope to file them down eventually with my rotary tool and finish off the mask, but here are some photos of how it all turned out:





Once I sand this down the flaws (best seen in the above photo) and seal it I will be ready for making some masks! I give FIVE ***** STARS to this kit from Accu Cast. You can also order replacement materials to make more masks in bulk if you are doing this for Theater or a Haunt.

Happy Halloween!